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Términos de uso de www.airportransferervices.com



 1. Terms and conditions

 Through its Website www.airportransferservices.com (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), AIRPORTRANSFERSERVICES (hereinafter referred to as ATS) enables its customers to select and book transfer services to and from airports to and from touristic places chosen by the customer.

The access and the use of the website information depend on the acceptance by the customer of the Website conditions of Use. Please read them carefully and print a copy to keep for future reference. If you decide not to accept even a fraction of those conditions, you can not use our website.

 2. Acceptance of Terms

By accessing the website, with the consultation and / or acquisition of its contents and / or services (through reading, downloading, or other process), the user accepts and agrees to comply with these Terms, without modify them as well as to respect all the applicable legal regulations.

Please read them carefully and print a copy of them to keep for future reference. If the customer does not approve even just one of these, he will not be authorized to access and use the website.

3. Content and services.

The website and its content are made available in accordance with the qualitative and quantitative characteristics decided by ATS that, therefore, does not provide any guarantee about the adequacy and accessibility of the website or about the availability of its use in every place, about the absence of computer viruses or other programs, about components and harmful elements from the website and / or the servers that host, about the correctness and / or updating of any text, information and / or statements contained in this website or accessible trough it and the constant and uninterrupted availability of the website contents.

ATS does not guarantee, and will not be held responsible for any loss, cancellation, removal or transmission not occurred to the recipient of content and / or information submitted or transmitted through the website, regardless of whether this occurred due to equipment failure, computer viruses, access by unauthorized third parties or in any other way.

4. Variation of the website and its Conditions.

ATS can made at any time - at its discretion and without obligation to give prior notice to you - all the changes, additions, upgrades, that it considers appropriate to the website, its content, programs and / or other materials contained herein and / or available through the website, including these Terms. Any modification and / or update of these Terms and Conditions (and / or other terms and conditions that may be contained in the website) may be disclosed to ATS User by posting in this website itself. Each user that will access the website after the changes are been published in it will accept them and will remain bound to these from the date of the changes publication and that even if the user does not visit the web page on which they have been published.

5. Use of the Website.  Copyright protection.

ATS grants you a limited right to access and use the website exclusively for your personal, non-commercial use and, in any case, in full respect of all ATS rights and / or any third party (including rights of the author, industrial property, copyright, etc..) relating to the Content, the information and materials on this website.

To the User is expressly forbidden, as for example but not limited to:

- The use of the website and its content for purposes and objects other than those mentioned above and, in particular,  for commercial uses and/or purposes;

- Any use of the website and its content that is not explicitly permitted under these conditions, and so, for example, acquisition (download), modification, communication, distribution, transmission, copying, duplication, publication of the contents present and / or obtainable through the website including personal data, information, graphics, images, photographs, sketches, descriptions, collections of texts, video, audio, music and sounds, utilities, software and collection of software, drivers, and other accessory programs, the content of the newsletter sent by e-mail or similar communications as well as transmitted by ATS;

- The use and / or any use of the content of the website in another website, server or networked computer environment;

- The use of the website or its Content in violation of any applicable law or otherwise used in any way that could cause damage to the website (including its interruption or restriction or of its contents and services);

- Access or attempt to unauthorized access to any part and / or content of the website or to other users' accounts or computer systems or networks connected to the website;

- The collection or attempted collection of information and / or personal data of third parties through the website;

- All rights to the Content contained in the website or available through are reserved for ATS in accordance with local regulations. Against the access and use of the website, ATS does not grant (and the User does not acquire) any rights to the Contents acquired and / or used by you. The contents and materials on this website, including its selection and disposition, are the property of ATS and are protected by law and, in particular, by current legislation on copyright and industrial property. The authorization to access and use the Website (limited to the aims and purposes mentioned above) is expressly subject to the recognition, observance and protection by the User of each note, warning and / or prescription on the subject of copyright protection, and industrial property protection.

 6. Responsibility.

The User takes on responsibility for any related damages, consequential and / or connected to the type, characteristics and / or the compatibility of hardware and software tools used to access and use the website

In particular, the User will be the only responsible (and will therefore be required to release from liability and hold harmless ATS) for all damages to anyone possibly derivatives (including ATS and the User) by:

- The use, transmission and / or use of information, materials and / or content from the User itself;

- Unauthorized access (even by minors) to the website, Account and / or to private areas of the User;

- Automatic forwarding and / or spread of communications and / or viruses or any other computer programs are invasive or destructive both to the website, both the computer systems of third parties.

In no event shall ATS be held responsible for damage caused by you to third parties because of the erroneous, unauthorized and / or unlawful access and / or use of the website, as well as from the access and / or use of the Content available through the website.

 7. Links from and to the Website

The User is expressly forbidden to make any kind of computer links and / or computer (eg hyperlink) to and from the website without the express permission of ATS. ATS, or third parties authorized by ATS will be able to achieve or establish links to or from this website (or to other websites or resources operated by third parties on the Internet).

This website may contain links to other websites which are not under the control of and are not maintained by the ATS itself. ATS is not responsible for the content of such websites. We disclaim any liability with respect to such websites or any materials or information contained therein or procured by you after you have left our website via a hyperlink or any other access method.

The acceptance by the User of an existing link on the website to any other external website is at your own risk and under the sole responsibility of the User.

ATS does not assume any responsibility for damages caused to the user and / or third parties in connection with external websites or resources, or from access to its content, materials and services. ATS also assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, currency, legality or decency of content, information and materials on or available from external websites and resources linked.

 8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction.

 At these Conditions it is applicable the Italian law.

Any dispute concerning these Terms (or any additional terms and conditions on the website, including those relating to their validity, effectiveness, interpretation, implementation) is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Aosta with the express exclusion of any other judicial authority.